February 2023 Newsletter

Happy new calendar and lunar new year, everyone! May this 2023 and the year of the rabbit/cat treat everyone the way they deserve to be treated. This month’s newsletter sees the Alliance digging deep into Climate Smart Agricultural Practices in partnership with CT Conservation Districts, diving into rewilding practices, and delving into self- and community-careContinue reading “February 2023 Newsletter”

May 2022 newsletter

Welcome to the month of May, everyone! The CT Youth Food Program Alliance is in high gear getting ready for planting, activity, and learning season. As the days (and soil) warms, we all get antsy to go get our seeds into the ground. Thankfully, access to learning about Climate Smart Agricultural Practices (CSAPs) will helpContinue reading “May 2022 newsletter”

April 2022 Newsletter

Happy spring, everyone, and welcome to Autism Acceptance Month! We at the Alliance hope that you are fed, housed, warm, and able to pursue your dreams as the light returns. This month’s meeting featured deep conversations about real issues facing our communities, our programs, and us as individuals. As our Climate Smart Ag Practices inContinue reading “April 2022 Newsletter”