Summer programs update

During this unusual summer, the coordinator has been connecting with program staff via one-on-one phone calls so that updates can continue to flow. Thanks to the recent hurricane, even that proved too much to ask! Now with summer program graduations on the approaching horizon, here are the updates:

-GVI youth are digging into what food justice means to them and will be presenting their own definitions as a part of their graduation ceremonies
-Summer of Solutions interns have been producing sessions on gardening, food apartheid, and self sufficiency on their Instagram account
-FRESH New London youth have been partnering with CT College to grow food across the city, and are feeding 35 families with produce from within city limits
-GROW Windham youth are pushing to meet their peers across the state

All program staff indicated an interest in starting a photography/videography project for teens to share their experiences of the food system during a global epidemic. If teens capture photos or videos this summer to share on social media, please send them to Kathy, or tag the Alliance! On Facebook, we are @youthfoodalliance, and on Instagram at @ctyouthfoodalliance

Published by ctyouthfoodalliance

The youth contingent leading CT's quest for justice in the food systems of our state.

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